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Does Your Woocommerce CHECKOUT PROCESS Suck?

(HINT: The right answer is... "Yes it does!")

CartFlows vs ThriveCart

CartFlows vs ThriveCart

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What are the Differences Between the Two Products?

With the recent launch of CartFlows there has come a lot of discussion about how CartFlows and ThriveCart compare to each other. Some are saying that CartFlows is better, and some are saying that ThriveCart is better. But the reality is that this is very much an Apples vs Oranges comparison.

Sure, they both have carts and they’re both designed to take customer payments for products and services, but the way they go about accomplishing this task is very different. And the answer to the question, which is better, really depends upon your use case and the way you like your checkout flow to work. This is where we see Apples and Oranges at play. Let me explain…

ThriveCart came about to solve a particular problem that existed in Woocommerce, and in other eCommerce platforms, as well, but we’re mainly talking about Woocommerce here. And that problem was, and still is, Checkout Processes that Suck.

What I mean by that is that marketers quickly discovered that a lean checkout process was better at converting users into buyers than the normal, clunky, bloated, distraction-filled Woocommerce checkout process was. So the ThriveCart Team set about to make a Shopping Cart Funnel product to cater to those who wanted a better checkout experience for their customers. But rather than develop their platform inside of the WordPress ecosystem, they decided to make it stand on its own, which we will examine more closely as we get further along.

CartFlows looked at the same problem (Checkout Processes that Suck) and took a different approach to solving it. They felt it best to create a full solution that works inside of WordPress, that works along-side of Woocommerce, and adds a powerful cart and checkout solution to an already powerful eCommerce solution. An eCommerce solution that more than 10’s of millions of users are already working with on a daily basis.

The First Big Difference: To WordPress or Not to WordPress

What follows below is a major distinction between CartFlows and ThriveCart. And it’s a huge decision that a developer or website designer needs to consider when selecting the best available checkout system.

Some prefer to keep their entire eCommerce system and Checkout Processes inside of the WordPress ecosystem. In doing so, everything is familiar, it’s easy to setup and work with, and they have a vast number of plugins available to augment the functionality of their eCommerce system. And, perhaps one of the most important issue for some, the shopper is kept on the same domain with the same branding and the same general user experience. This is how CartFlows works.

The ThriveCart solution is a “Link-to” service where the user is browsing your website and when they click the BUY NOW button, they are taken away to ThriveCart’s website where the whole checkout process takes place.

Inside of the ThriveCart ecosystem, there are quite a lot of features at your disposal. But the downside is that it’s another system that’s separate from your website. It’s another interface, another login, and another experience that you have to get yourself or your client familiar with (if client’s are your thing).

So ThriveCart and CartFlows are just different solutions trying to solve the same problems, but with an entirely different approach.

One distinct advantage for using CartFlows is that you have not only the power of CartFlows at your fingertips, but also the power of the entire Woocommerce Team and the entire world of developers that are rapidly churning out plugins and enhancements to the Woocommerce system. The rapid pace of changes and improvements is literally staggering. If you look today and can’t find a Woocommerce plugin to give you the feature you need, check again tomorrow because someone is about to release a plugin that does what you need it to. It’s amazing…

The distinct disadvantage to ThriveCart is that you’re totally dependent upon the ThriveCart Team to give you what you need. If if you need something that it can’t do… well, ask for that feature and wait. They might be working on it. Or you might get it down the road. Or you may never get it. I am happy to report, however, that they have a lot of features already in ThriveCart, which makes it a solid service if you want to go that route.

All the Other Differences: Get on with it already!

In building a comparison chart between CartFlows and ThriveCart, it took a fair bit of analysis. There was a need to separate the sets of features into groups, for example. In the end, they both share most features between them. The great news for CartFlows is that they have the clear edge over ThriveCart, in my opinion. Can you tell I’m a fan of CartFlows?

Have a Look at the Features Below:

X = Product has this Feature
= Product does NOT have this Feature
Coming = Feature in Development
Limited = Feature Exists but Limited

WP = WordPress Feature
WC = Woocommerce Feature
WC Plugin = Woocommerce Plugin Available for this Feature

wdt_ID Feature ThriveCart CartFlows
1 Multi Product Template X X
2 Abandoned Cart - Coming
3 Quantity and Variation Adjustments X Coming
4 Global Checkout - X
5 Library of Templates Limited X
6 Order Bumps X X
7 Mobile Responsive X X
8 Edit with Popular Page Builders Not Applicable X
9 Upsells and Downsells X X
10 Custom Funnel Steps Ordering X X
11 Conditional Funnel Steps - Coming
12 Auto Credit Card Charge After 1st Sale X X
13 Ability to Customize Checkout Pages Limited X
14 DFY Sales Flows - X
15 Analytics and Tracking X X
16 Countdown Timers - X
17 Instant Reporting X X
18 Custom Checkout Fields - X
19 Subscription Transactions X X
20 A/B Split Testing X Coming
21 Link Tracking X X
22 Training on WP and WC - Coming
23 Funnel Builder X X
24 Coupons X X
25 Detailed Stats X X
26 Discount URL X X
27 Two-Step Cart X X
28 Link Tracking X X
29 Video Carts X X
30 Unlimited Carts X X
31 Cart on Any Page X X
32 Product Upgrades X X
33 Automatic Receipts X WC
34 Digital Sales Tax X WC
35 Modal Cart X WC
36 Auto-followup X WC Plugin
37 Autoresponder Integrations X WC Plugin
38 Subscription Management X WC Plugin
39 Dunning/Auto-Retry X WC Plugin
40 Auto-Follow Up X WC Plugin
41 Autoresponder Integrations X WC Plugin
42 Instant Affiliate Payments X WC Plugin
43 Infusionsoft Integration X WC Plugin
44 Memberships Integration X WC Plugin
45 Affiliate Center X WC Plugin
46 Webhooks X WC Plugin
47 Predicted Sales X WC Plugin
48 Advanced Trial Support X WC Plugin
49 Retargeting X WP
50 Secure URLS X WP
51 2-Factor Authentication X WP
52 Kunaki Integration X -
53 User Remains on Website - X
wdt_ID Pricing ThriveCart CartFlows
1 Lifetime License $599 $599
2 Annual License - $299
3 Number of Domains Not Applicable 30

Important: I want to be totally transparent on one thing about CartFlows… most of the WC Plugins I found that add features to Woocommerce are free. But there is one feature that I could not find a free plugin for and that is the subscription feature. I found a couple of plugins that were fairly inexpensive, however, with the least expensive being $39. 

My Final Analysis: Isn't this what you came for?

I have ThriveCart and have used it a fair bit. It works very well. There’s lots of training, an active Facebook Group, and rabid fans that love it. I am not one of them. But mad respect for the ThriveCart Team and their efforts. They have a wonderful product. Just not wonderful for me.

That said, I’ve also tried to create Checkout Processes that don’t suck inside of my WordPress / Woocommerce websites because I’ve wanted to work within the WP ecosystem. I don’t want my buyers to go to some other website where they have an entirely different experience. And I don’t want my clients having to work within multiple sites and interfaces to manage their business.

Up to this point I have been using WooCurve’s Handsome Checkout product as my solution. It’s a good solution, but not an amazing solution. My match between CartFlows and WooCurve’s Handsome Checkout is coming so, so stay tuned for that.

But since the launch of CartFlows, for me, there is no competition. CartFlows is exactly what I have been looking for. Powerful, flexible, easy to use, feature-rich, actively developed, loads of features to come, and a great couple of owners that stand by everything they do.

Wrapping Things Up: My Final Final Analysis

I hope you have found this comparison useful. As you can tell, I am biased toward CartFlows. But only because I believe it is the very best solution for fixing Checkout Processes that Suck!

If you want to Learn More about CartFlows, click my link below to go to their site. If you have questions or comments, feel free to enter them below and I will respond. If you do comment, please be respectful and choose nice words even if you disagree. Thanks for reading!

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