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Does Your Woocommerce CHECKOUT PROCESS Suck?

(HINT: The right answer is... "Yes it does!")

This is a Game Changer!

My CartFlows Review

Author: Josen Ruiseco | Product: CartFlows

What is CartFlows?

CartFlows is a brand new WordPress plugin that works alongside the Woocommerce eCommerce plugin to create Checkout Processes and Customer Buying Experiences that don’t suck.

Yes, I said it… the Woocommerce checkout process sucks!

You might not think that it does, but if we sat around together and I showed you all of the reasons why it sucks, you would agree with me. And you wouldn’t be alone. There is an entire marketplace of products that have come about just because the Woocommerce (and other ecommerce platforms, for that matter) checkout experience isn’t designed for maximum conversions. It’s designed based upon traditional online eCommerce experiences from years past.

Before I go on, I want to make a quick comment to prop Woocommerce back up after just beating them up like I did… Woocommerce is AMAZING! It has over 55 million downloads and is in use on millions of websites across the globe. Before Woocommerce, eCommerce in WordPress was barely okay, and it certainly wasn’t great. Woocommerce made WordPress eCommerce great! And now CartFlows has come along and upped the game to make Woocommerce Damn Sexy!

Yes, I’m saying CartFlows is DAMN SEXY!

What can CartFlows do for My eCommerce Sales?


If you sell products from a WordPress website with Woocommerce, CartFlows brings a LOT to the table in terms of EASILY creating experiences that you buyers’ will LOVE. Let’s take a look at the highlights:

Frictionless Checkout: This is a checkout page designed to contain only the information necessary to induce the transaction from your buyer, and nothing else. Now, you might be saying, “But, but, but… I want my FILL IN THE BLANK feature on the checkout page” I get it. Just know that everything is customizable in CartFlows. EVERYTHING! So if you want your menu bar at the top of the checkout page, you can have it. But the CartFlows guys will tell you to DITCH IT. Because all it’s doing is creating a way for users to move off of your website before paying. You don’t want your buyers’ doing anything but buying. Make sense?

Order Bump: Would you like to SuperSize that Combo meal? Large or Extra large? Do you want fries with that? I don’t think this needs much explanation… but suffice it to say, a properly matched upsell product sitting on the checkout page with your main item that a buyer is about to hand over their hot little credit card for, is a No Brainer! Just ask them if they want it and most of them will say YES, PLEASE! And just like that, you have increased your revenue and generated more income than you had originally planned to.

By the way, these two features alone should make you click and go Buy CartFlows RIGHT NOW!

Upsells: Imagine this… you are just seconds away from hitting PLACE ORDER on that shiny new thingamajig that you’re so excited about, and the moment you do, you see that there is an incredible accessory that makes your thingamajig even more amazing. But wait, you just paid. Ugh… why didn’t they show me this before I paid? Well, that’s no problem with CartFlows. Just hit BUY NOW and the transaction is run for that upsell item right then and there. No entering your credit card info again. Everything happens behind the scenes and it’s paid for. Wow, that was easy! Yes, CartFlows makes it all that easy.

Downsells: And consider this scenario… that you really didn’t want to spend the extra money on the thingamajig accessory and decided to SKIP OFFER. And then suddenly, a page comes up and it’s $10 Off of the previous price. Oh! You gonna buy it NOW! See how that worked out for you? Tricky, tricky, tricky… CartFlows does this for you easily.

Are you starting to see why your Woocommerce site really needs CartFlows? If you’re not deploying any of these professional eCom strategies in your website, you are leaving boatloads of cash on the dock instead of in your wallet.

What else can CartFlows do?

It doesn’t make my coffee in the morning, which is very disappointing. But there’s a lot of other stuff that CartFlows does. Some of it isn’t nearly as sexy, but it’s all very well thought out and very necessary.

A/B Split Testing: You design two or more checkout processes and then have them compete against each other to see how each one does. Different headlines, prices, descriptions, offers, and more. There will be a clear winner. I guarantee it. CartFlows runs the numbers so you don’t have to guess which is better.

Cart Abandonment: Do you think that sometimes people start a checkout process by entering the name and email and then decide NOT to buy? Yes, they do. I did it just yesterday for an item I was considering. It was like I grabbed a hot $100 bill right out of that website owner’s hand! But with CartFlows, you can actually send me (the buyer) an email and plead with me to come back to your site to give you that $100 back by buying your thingamajig. How cool is that?

Analytics & Tracking: CartFlows tracks everything and provides detailed analytics. It’s straight forward and necessary. You’ll like this feature.

Templates, Templates, Templates: Did I say Templates? You can design as little as you want or as much as you want. Start from scratch or rip a CartFlows template and make it your own. Easy Peasy! Now you’ve got time to binge watch your favorite new series.

Dynamic Funnel Page Linking: Drag and drop your offer pages, upsells, downsells, checkout page, thank you page, whatever… just click and drag. Done!

Countdown Timers: I hate countdown timers on sales pages… I really do. Because they make me pull out my wallet, grab my credit card, and buy right then and there. Ugh… so frustrating! Need I say more about that? CartFlows does this. And It’ll be one of your main “Weapons of Commerce” (that’s a thing now because I just said so) when you’re running CartFlows on your website.

Custom Checkout Fields: Uh… amazing! I’m tired of all of those clunky custom checkout field plugins for Woocommerce. And I don’t want to pay for the premium ones that are really good. I’ll just use CartFlows instead. Yeah, it’s in there.

Global Checkout: Just set it and forget it. One checkout page for all of your products on your site. If you want that, of course. Many of you will. And it’s good to have that option.

CartFlows Features

Will CartFlows Stick Around and be Continually Supported?

The short answer is… absolutely yes!

The long answer is that this is one my biggest gripes. You invest your hard-earned cash in a premium plugin only to see the developer ditch the product and never answer a support ticket or email again. I HATE that!

Fortunately, with CartFlows, the developers of this product are two very good guys that I consider friends. I know them, I know their work ethics, I know that they have a huge commitment to helping people and to creating amazing software that only gets better and better over time. I trust these guys with my website and you should too!


Right now CartFlows is in its launch so the pricing is the best it will ever be!

There is an annual license that has to be renewed every year in order to receive updates and support. Then there is a lifetime license that includes updates and support for 100 years, which is just the right amount of time for cockroaches and turtles.

Check the website for current pricing. Even though pricing isn’t as low as it was at the launch, it’s still a great piece of software at a great price. Buy CartFlows Today… you won’t be sorry. 

Wrapping Things Up

I personally have been using competing products for the past year as I’ve tried to make my Woocommerce checkout pages not suck. When I got word that a new plugin that helps improve this part of my projects, and then when I saw the CartFlows feature list, I was like a kid at Christmas. So much so, that I raised my hand to beta test CartFlows in my business. I will tell you that I’ve spent hours and hours putting this software through it’s paces, and I’m happy to say, it’s solid!

– It beats all the competition in terms of functionality and pricing
– It makes WooCommerce buyer friendly
– It reduces shopping cart abandonment with a frictionless checkout
– It reinforces the buying decision every step of the way
– It presents additional discount offers or order bumps
– It makes a series of additional offers after the checkout process before closing the order
– And it completes the buyer process with a custom thank you page. One note on this point… there is a Thank You page feature that is coming that will make you and your customers as happy as you could ever imagine being about a thank you page. In fact, I’m giddy just thinking about it.

The Bottom Line

I can’t say enough good things about it after using it in a production environment and seeing an increase in my sales.

Just go buy CartFlows Today… you won’t be sorry. 

Also, if you’re reading this review in November of 2018, there is a lifetime price on CartFlows for up to 50 domains. Yes, lifetime! But it’s only during the launch so be sure to get your copy of CartFlows as soon as you can. Launch pricing is over! There is no longer a lifetime option or a 50 domain license option. Sorry about that. 

P.S. Just know that even if you miss that special launch price, it’s still an incredible product that can make you money and is a great addition to your eCommerce strategy.

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